Automated Malware Analysis

Welcome to Malwation, your shield against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. At Malwation, we offer a comprehensive solution that combines the strengths of Sandbox and Static Analysis technologies. Discover how our Malware Analysis solution empowers your organization to proactively detect and analyze malicious threats, enhancing your cybersecurity posture.

Sandbox Technology

With our Sandbox Technology, we conduct dynamic analysis in a controlled environment, dissecting malware behavior and capturing elusive threats in real-time. This technology operates at the hypervisor level, ensuring unmatched accuracy in threat detection.

Static Analysis

With our Static Analysis Technology,  we conduct in-depth inspections of files, applications, and code, identifying hidden threats and vulnerabilities before execution.

Comprehensive Threat Analysis

Our Malware Analysis solution provides a holistic view of threats, combining the strengths of both dynamic and static analysis. It offers unparalleled insights into malware behavior, malicious intent, and potential vulnerabilities that cybercriminals might exploit.

Ready to fortify your organization's defenses against cyber threats with our Malware Analysis solution?