Content Disarm and Reconstruction - CDR

At Malwation, we take data security to the next level by offering a revolutionary Content Disarm and Reconstruction(CDR) system that sanitizes and reconstructs files in milliseconds, implementing a zero-trust policy for all incoming files, whether they arrive via email, web application uploads, or internal file sharing systems.

In a digital world fraught(filled) with risks, CDR empowers your organization to maintain the highest level of data security. By instantly sanitizing and reconstructing files, we ensure that malicious elements are stripped away, providing peace of mind for your business operations.

Sanitize and Reconstruct

Malwation CDR technology is designed to sanitize and reconstruct files swiftly, ensuring that all files are free from potential threats before they enter your network.

Zero Trust Policy

Our system enforces a zero-trust policy, eliminating any potential threats within files and guaranteeing that only safe content is allowed.

Support for Over 50 File Types

Malwation CDR technology supports a wide range of file types, offering comprehensive protection for your organization.

Enhancing Work Efficiency and Cost Savings

CDR not only enhances your organization's cybersecurity but also revolutionizes work efficiency. By sanitizing files, we drastically reduce the number of alerts triggered by potential threats, allowing your security team to focus on genuinely critical issues. This efficiency gain translates into immense cost savings as fewer resources are required to manage and investigate alerts. CDR users experience a streamlined workflow, improved productivity, and a significant reduction in operational expenses, making it a valuable asset for any forward-thinking organization.

Ready to embrace the future of data security? Explore CDR's features and capabilities to discover how our Content Disarm and Reconstruction system can bolster your organization's defenses against file-based threats.